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Business ethics constitute an administrative and managerial challenge. The management team at Shaniv-Sasatech is committed to leading the company according to the standards defined in the code of ethics, to serve as a model of personal integrity, honesty, and fairness, and to provide an example of ethical behavior on a personal, professional, and organizational level. 

Principles of the code of ethics

Obeying the law


The company and its employees are committed to obeying the law in all business activities. The company’s policy is to abide by the laws of the State of Israel, as well as the international laws pertaining to the company or the conduct of its business in any country where it operates. Beyond the obligation to obey the law, the company also strives to lead and set an example for other countries.

The company’s policy is compliance with the laws applicable in Israel, as well as the international laws concerning the company or conducting its businesses in each country in which it operates. In addition, based on the company’s commitment to social responsibility, it strives to lead and set an example for other companies.


Respecting others


Every Shaniv-Sasatech employee has basic fundamental rights and should be treated with dignity, equality, and respect. All employees are entitled to freedom of thought, conscience, religion, and expression under the condition that they do not hurt the feelings or rights of other employees. All employees are required to refrain from any type of rude, violent, or threatening behavior towards other employees at the company, including sexual harassment and physical or verbal violence, as well as to refrain from any activity that may lead to a hostile, offensive and insulting environment. “Proper ethical behavior precedes the Torah,” and business!


Ensuring equal opportunities


Shaniv-Sasatech is committed to giving every employee and candidate equal opportunities in all areas of work, recruitment and professional advancement. The company prohibits discrimination on the basis of age, race, ethnicity, gender, religion, marital status, or political beliefs.

Shaniv-Sasatech respects the right to privacy of all its employees, customers, and suppliers; and takes extra caution in handling, storing and preventing the leakage of personal information.

Preserving company assets


Shaniv-Sasatech is committed to safeguarding and building the company’s financial, material, property, and intellectual property assets against any damage, theft, or loss. Company resources will only be used to promote the company’s goals.

The information held by the company is a primary and essential asset that is confidential and is not given to any third parties without prior permission and authorization. Internal information is not used for personal purposes or gain – direct or indirect. The company will avoid situations that entail a conflict of interest and in cases where such a conflict of interest cannot be avoided, will notify in advance and act according to company guidelines.


Promoting integrity and fairness


Shaniv-Sasatech is committed to promoting integrity and fairness towards its employees, customers, and suppliers.

Fairness towards employees – The company will honor all mutual agreements and contracts with employees. The company will promote open and respectful communications with listening and discourse as central pillars; and will enable and promote the personal and professional growth of its employees. Any termination of employment will be carried out in a proper manner, and when required, will offer support to ensure continuous personal and professional success.

Fairness towards customers and suppliers – The company will treat its customers and suppliers equally and fairly. The company will make every effort to respect and address the overall needs of every customer; and to respond to customer requests in a timely, respectful, and professional manner. The company will act with full transparency and will not distort any information.

Shaniv-Sasatech sees all personal and professional information received by customers and suppliers as a declaration of trust in the company. The company will not violate this trust and will not allow for this information to be given to other parties. Business engagements will always be conducted based on fair criteria in relation to the matter at hand (professionalism, price, quality, etc.).

The company commits to refraining from giving or receiving bribes, suggesting or accepting bribes, and giving or receiving any illegal or unethical payments.

Fairness towards competitors – The company is oriented towards leading the market in terms of product and service quality, while adhering to the rules of fair competition.

Upholding social responsibility


Shaniv-Sasatech acts with warmth, empathy, and a desire to contribute to the development and prosperity of the periphery – where its activities are located in Israel.

The company sees the health of the community, its safety and the surroundings in which it operates as a top priority and as a result, always abides to the law and beyond.

The company sees environmental sustainability as a social value and for this reason, always considers the social and environmental impacts when embarking on new projects.