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All Shaniv-Sasatech employees share the company’s vision and goals – operating with a sense of family, belonging, mutual responsibility, and trust in their personal and collective abilities to create and succeed.

Leading in its field

Shaniv-Sasatech is an established and leading company that continues to develop its manufacturing plants while strengthening its position and bringing its products to every home in Israel. 

Promoting business for profit and wellbeing

Shaniv-Sasatech invests time and capital, while promoting competitive business activities that will generate profit and wellbeing for the company, its employees, its customers, and its suppliers.

Thinking, speaking, and producing blue and white

The team at Shaniv-Sasatech thinks, speaks, and produces blue and white to promote Israel and its products – all the while acting with warmth, empathy, and a desire to contribute to the development and prosperity of peripheral regions in Israel where its production sites are located.

Growing and developing

The company works to grow and develop into new and diverse areas in the field of consumer products. Through a combination of its employees, advanced technology, and business innovation, the company consistently develops and manufactures high-quality products for a wide range of applications.

With faith and integrity

Shaniv-Sasatech is faithful to its core social and economic core values, which include a belief in its cause, in acting with business integrity, in mutuality, and in good faith. The company observes the Jewish Sabbath and does not operate on Saturdays and Israeli holidays; and promotes equal opportunity for every employee while understanding that personal and professional development are what drive the company’s growth.

Full commitment to the environment

The company makes every effort to promote environmental values, in according with quality, safety, and regulatory standards; develops and promotes recycled products and eco-friendly products that contribute to sustainability; and uses renewable resources wherever possible.

Shaniv-Sasatech does not conduct any experiments on animals at any of its facilities.