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Shaniv Paper Industries

Shaniv Paper Industries develops, manufactures, and markets toiletry products, paper towels and tissues, and napkins; as well as a new line of products for rolling for the institutional market.

The company’s manufacturing plant is located in Ofakim and it spans an area of approximately 8,000 square meters. It is an independent power plant that generates energy from natural gas and uses recycled paper and cellulose from controlled sources. The entire production process is controlled and assessed, and is continuously sampled for quality assurance purposes.


Sasatech is a detergent manufacturing and maintenance site that belongs to the Shaniv Group. Situated in Dalton among vineyards and orchards, the site uses a state-of-the-art research and development lab, and the most advanced technology in the field to produce a wide variety of cleaning, disinfection, and maintenance solution for the home, automotive, and institutional markets.

The site produces liquid products in packages ranging from 100 ml to 1000 l. It also uses the most advanced mechanization technologies in Israel to produce more than 7 million aerosol units every year.

Sasatech operates in accordance with the strictest global standards and strict quality assurance processes are applied throughout the manufacturing lifecycle – from the time the initial resources are received up until packaging and distribution.



Sasa Cosmetics

Sasa Cosmetics is a production site for high-quality personal care solutions that come in a wide range of packages, including tubes, aerosol sprays, and bottles for up to 4 liters. The site has a cosmetics license from the Ministry of Health, and its production facilities are GMP-certified.

The company filters all gas for aerosol sprays in-house using a unique facility that produces gas for cosmetic usage. The company’s aerosol equipment facilitates the production of a variety of cutting-edge and unique packaging solutions that include sleeve packaging on the production line, and pasting and filling with BOV (canister within canister) for maximum sterility and options.